My flash extension for doing macro-photografy

I used optical fiber to build a flash extension for doing macro-photos.

Macro photography allows me to take interesting pictures even if I’m in a relatively boring environment. In times of corona pandemy, it’s great to be able to take nice and deversified pictures in the backyard. Luckily you don’t need expensive lenses to take great macro shots, some extension tubes for about 15€ will do the trick.

One problem macro photographers face is the very shallow depth of field you get when focusing on such small distant objects. That’s why most macro-photos use quite high fstop values, which lead to slower shutter speeds or high iso values (or both). Here a flash comes in handy.

Most serious macro photographers use flashes. They often use them bent forward to the lenses so they don’t eclipses the subject.

I have no external flash and don’t like the thought of having such a big accessory on my camera, I want to have it with me as often as I can. So I thought about how to take advantage of the inbuilt flash of my Sony a6400 which normally can’t be used because the lens gets so close to the subject that it eclipses the flash to the subject. So here’s what I came up with:

Here you can download the design files:

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