MuViTools: Conductor

I’m working on a set of tools aimed to assist musical learning for quite a while. I call them MuviTools (Muvi = Music-Visualation), they are programmed in Pure Data. Today I’d like to show you the Conductor.

The reason I made this tool emerged while teaching a musical band for mentally disabled people.   I recognised that many of the participants had a sense for melody and rhythm but weren’t able to read scores and follow them in time. With Conductor I’m able to show them wich note they should currently play. It’s a divison of labor: The bass player gets the red bottom notes, the two keyboard players take the green and blue ones. The keys and fretboards have little stickers with the note letters attached to them. If one is bored by just playing one note, they can also play two or three at a time. Unlike other tools I made, this one is very flexible in the respect of timing. If the drummers timing varies I can varie too, keeping the band stay in sync.


You can download the code here:

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